About us

Ovalhouse is a lively theatre and arts centre on the Kennington Oval, opposite the famous cricket ground.
For the past 50 years, Ovalhouse has been part of the London fringe, providing development and performance space to experimental, radical and overlooked artists. Today Ovalhouse is known for theatre, performance and participation that speaks to a world beyond the mainstream. Ovalhouse is a leader in its field for organisations involved in creative participatory work with children and young people, and continues to be a vital home for boundary-pushing art, artists and audiences with an eye on the future.  

We're based on the Kennington Oval right opposite the famous cricket ground. Open Monday – Saturday, we provide a warm welcome to our audience members, practitioners, patrons and workshop members.



The Road to Brixton! Ovalhouse is on the move…​

Our building on Kennington Oval is steeped in history and resonates with the lives and stories of so many people. But we are planning to leave it. Click here to find out more


Our History

“a founding father of today's fringe theatre” (The Guardian)

For the past 50 years Ovalhouse has been a home to experimental, radical and overlooked artists seeking to make theatre and performance that speaks to a world beyond the mainstream.

A hotbed of artistic activism in the five decades since we began, Ovalhouse has seen the social and artistic ideals it has aspired to become widely accepted as the model for a better society. We have sheltered social and political movements staffed by the stage and screen stars of the future, pursued an unerring agenda for positive artistic, political and social change and, once, stabled a donkey in the Theatre Upstairs. Ovalhouse stands on a proud history and continues to be a vital home for boundary-pushing art and artists with an eye on the future.

The roots of Ovalhouse can be traced back to the 1930s and its foundations, as Christ Church (Oxford) Clubs, by the graduates of Christchurch College, Oxford. The young people from disadvantaged areas in South London were able to use the space for sports activities and were taken on away days along with skills training which they could use for the future. Since that time Ovalhouse has pioneered enabling forms of education and artistic endeavour.

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