Ovalhouse in Edinburgh

We're thrilled to support three Ovalhouse shows in Edinburgh this year: our very own Associate Artist Yolanda Mercy's Quarter Life Crisis, 'half clown, half wild spiritual leader' Jamie Wood's I Am A Tree, and Javaad Alipoor's bold one man show The Believers Are But Brothers.

Quarter Life Crisis by Yolanda Mercy

Underbelly Cowgate | 3 - 27 August, 2.40pm

Alicia is a hot mess. She doesn't know what she's doing with her life. Swiping left, swiping right to find the perfect match. Even though she's a Londoner, born and bred, the scent of Lagos peppers her existence in the ends. Everyone around her seems to know where they're going in life, but she's trying to find ways to cheat growing up and keep her 16-25 railcard. What does it mean to be an adult, and when do you become one? Quarter Life Crisis mixes addictive basslines, spoken word and audience participation. Part of the Underbelly Untapped season.

The Believers Are But Brothers by Javaad Alipoor

Northern Stage at Summerhall | 5 - 26 August, 12.45pm

The old world orders are collapsing: from the postcolonial nation states of the Middle East, to the EU and the American election. Through it all, tech savvy extremist groups rip through twentieth century political certainties. Amidst this, a generation of young men find themselves burning with resentment; without the money, power and sex they think they deserve. Their crisis of masculinity leads them into an online world of fantasy, violence and reality. This bold one-man show weaves together their stories.

I Am A Tree by Jamie Wood

Assembly George Square Theatre | 14 - 27 August, 6.25pm

When Jamie is still for any length of time, someone finds him and tells him about their life. His girlfriend says he is like a tree that dogs like to piss on. He gets this from his grandfather. Last year, Jamie walked 150 miles back to his grandparents's birthplace to look for what he'd lost. From the creator of O No! (***** Stage) comes something else entirely. A dance party with ghosts, in a forest, in a theatre. An invitation to drink deep, face the shadows that growl inside you and laugh big.