OVALHOUSE Adult Company


*NEW: Adult Company with Daniel P. Cunningham


This new term sees a ceremonial mechanism inviting revolutions. It is a process invoking queer voices, queer dances and queer dreams - many dreams for collective power. 

Participants explore charging and activating their ecstatic bodies with messages to express.

How you identify is not important, but the space is queered: it is international, intercultural, fluid and accepting. All are welcome, this is not an exclusive club.

i:Witness is a creative process which requires full dedication. The practice centres on physical movements and vocal work, specifically designed to bring forth the participants buried power. We share dreams, we share memories, we share our unique voices and individual desires for change - be it a political shift, a personal transformation or all things in between.

The work encourages the formation of temporary communities via presentation events. Invited spectators can bear witness to the process. Participatory performance structures create transformational experiences for the performer and the witness..


Every Wednesday, 2nd May - 18th July 2018, 7pm-9pm



To apply, please send a short biography and a letter of interest (150 words) detailing why you would like to be part of i:Witness. A commitment to the entire process is needed, so please be sure that you can attend all the sessions and payment for the whole term is due upfront. Send your application to mahri.reilly@ovalhouse.com