About The Paper Project

The Paper Project

“And there is more... there are my dreams.”

The Paper Project began as collaboration between a group of young migrant artists at Ovalhouse’s, Counterpoints Arts, and Mark Storor, an award-winning artist and theatre director who specialises in collaborating with participants who are on the margins of society. The first project was a cross arts, site specific, promenade performance exploring the artists experience of migration.

In commissioning Mark Storor (a well known and established artist who has an extensive experience of working on creative projects with marginalised groups and young people), our intention was to initiate a process through which young migrants creatively engaged with their own and their peer's experiences, developing through this process some valuable skills and transforming their experiences into a creative output that would reach out to and hopefully resonate with wider audiences.

This project was dedicated to the 155,000 undocumented, children living in the UK who cannot fulfil their dreams of going to university or having a career and who live in fear of deportation.

Salih Ahmed
Temor Al Kaisi
Resa Gashi
Tamara Brenlla
Tania Cadena
Hassan Al Mousaoy
Victor Rios

Associate artists:
Mark Storor – lead artist
Rachel Shipp – production manager and lighting design
Rosa Brook – composer and musician
Seraphina Beh – assistant stage manager
Alice Simpson – design assistant – costume and installation
Almir Koldzic - deviser
Jeanie Reid – pastoral care
Stella Barnes – deviser and producer
Oscar Wyatt – sound and light operator
Martyn Holland – deviser
Cat Lee – photography

The project succeeded in

• Presenting  a compelling arts project that brought the experiences of young migrants and refugees to wider audiences
• Creating opportunities and pathways for young migrant artists to develop new and transferable skills
• Applying the Simple Acts (Counterpoints Arts)  methodology to increase the levels of public and community engagement with the project as well as understanding of the young people’s experiences http://www.simpleacts.org.uk/

The Paper Project will continue to make new and exciting artistic work that also promotes:

• solidarity with those who are marginalised and victimised;
• understanding and awareness of the benefits that migration brings to the UK
• engagement of British audiences in the dialogue on the position refugee communities have in this country and its legal system

The project is linked to Simple Acts and is influenced by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation's 'No Right to Dream' report.

I believe everyone has potential, a talent that needs to be explored...I will leave my seeds, so people can have all the things I had, all the knowledge for the will to win in life.