A review of Me and Mr C, by Student Ambassador Olive Supple-Still

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On Saturday night (21st of November) I had the pleasure of watching Gary Kitching’s one man play, Me and Mr C performed at Ovalhouse. Before the play began I had a notebook and a pencil balanced on my knee, taking in what I had witnessed other reviewers doing at previous plays, and this being my first review I was ever the keen student! However as the lights did not come down, and Gary walked into the centre of the stage, remarking how much he hated it when people started plays with “Hello how are you” as if “the actor did not know they were performing” I decided to casually slip my paper and pen into my bag for two reasons. One being that I did not want to miss a second of what was, and I presumed rightly, going to be a brilliantly funny play and another reason being that I was very aware he was conversing with the audience and wanted to save a stutter of foul explanations coming from my mouth as to why I was writing during his show!

Set simply, with nothing but a suitcase, a sofa, Mr C the puppet and Gary himself, the audience was left to their imagination to put together what was obviously meant to be a naturalistic living room. And what a 90 minutes it was indeed. Covering everything from God’s private parts to Gary asking us to personally calling him a “Pig F*****” (if we wanted to that is) it was probably one of the most witty plays I have seen in a long while.  Gary played with the audience, for example asking us what we had in our living room and later cleverly using it to perform in his piece, doing this masterfully by never once explaining to us what he was doing and why.

Me and Mr C was about a man who lived at home with his friend, or not so much a friend really, Mr C. In the midst of the incredibly rude jokes, hilarious banter and of course like all good English comedy, utter self mockery, there was a deeper meaning behind it. The voices in our head and what they can do to us. How we joke about ourselves being insecure because well, we really do feel insecure. Or need others to be mean to us because hey, that’s a lot easier to believe than thinking well of ourselves isn’t it?

It was a complete pleasure to watch, I feel lucky I was one to see that last show.  Highly recommended, Me and Mr C is a play I will never forget.


Me and Mr C was performed 18-21 November 2015.

Additional information

Olive Supple-Still is 20 years old, born and brought up South London, and is currently applying to drama school. She has a huge interest in all aspects of theatre and travelling and hopes one day to make a career with the two. Olive has experience as a director and actor and she is part of Southwark Playhouse Young Company and Oxford World Theatre- an organisation that commissions theatre-makers to go around the world and direct plays with children. With them, Olive has travelled to Russia.