An audience interview about then LEAP, by Student Ambassador Olive Supple-Still

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For our final Student Ambassador response of the season, Olive decided to take a different approach: here's her interview with then LEAP audience member Eve Carson...

Olive: What were the most apparent themes for you in then LEAP? 

Eve: Family, memory, loss and mental health

Ottilie often talks about an elephant she carries around with her. What did the elephant represent for you? 

The elephant represented her memory and elephants never forget and so going into her past was encouraged by this elephant. 

Did the lighting create the feeling of stepping into the past? 

Yes, the lighting changes and movements of objects really set the scenes well. Although I felt it was more a present day trip rather than going into the past at points. 

A massive theme for then LEAP was the idea of 'fabulism' and the small things in every day life representing the bigger emotions in our minds. Was there anything in particular that jumped out for you in connection to this? 

The main part of the story that stood out for me in relation to 'fabulism' was the uncovering and returning of missing objects dug up by her father in the back garden. Things that people had pushed aside, hidden or moved on from were being dragged back to the forefront of their minds. It suggested that it was a healing process and it was time to be happy and move on with life. 

Finally, what did then LEAP symbolise for you? 

While watching LEAP I felt that the main character Ottillie was on a journey of self discovery. By returning to her past she was trying to understand how she had ended up where she is now. It also felt like she was taking this trip to come to terms with the loss of a child.

Additional information

Olive Supple-Still is 20 years old, born and brought up South London, and is currently applying to drama school. She has a huge interest in all aspects of theatre and travelling and hopes one day to make a career with the two. Olive has experience as a director and actor and she is part of Southwark Playhouse Young Company and Oxford World Theatre- an organisation that commissions theatre-makers to go around the world and direct plays with children. With them, Olive has travelled to Russia.