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“a founding father of today’s fringe theatre” The Guardian

Supporting theatre; supporting young Londoners.

Theatre was first performed at Ovalhouse in 1963. Since then we have built and maintained a reputation for innovative, provocative work. Constantly outside of the mainstream, Ovalhouse has used theatre to ask searching questions of society, to encourage diversity and as a catalyst to transform lives. Ovalhouse has only achieved all this through the support and generosity of like-minded organisations, individuals and businesses that provide the charitable funds to enable our work.

We need your support to sustain our work: not only to continue our artistic innovation, but also to provide vital opportunities each year for hundreds of young Londoners at the margins of our society.

To hear how and why Ovalhouse is important to young people, hear comedian and writer Jim Sweeney talk movingly about how Ovalhouse changed his life (and the lives of thousands of others).

Use these pages to find out how we work with Individuals, Trusts and Business to support our work with emerging artists and young people. Find out how you can help too.

If you are unable to support Ovalhouse directly, why not become one of our Fabulous 50 fundraisers? We are looking for individuals and organisations to support our work by taking part in, or organising fundraising events. Everyone can do something to raise funds. You can choose to do almost anything (so long as it is safe and legal). And we are also currently looking for people just like you to take part in several exciting new opportunities. Find out more about the Fabulous 50!

Support the creative life of London. Support Ovalhouse.
Ovalhouse has forged a unique place in London’s artistic life with two distinct yet intrinsically linked strands to its work:  
• Our Theatre Department supports early career artists to engage audiences and inspire thinking, nurturing young and new talent to create exciting, radical, pioneering fringe theatre.
Creative Youth, our participation department, reaches out to young people from the surrounding communities many of whom are at very margins of our society. We work with young people who would otherwise have no access to the arts; no opportunity to engage their creativity, to increase their confidence, nor to find something worthwhile on which to focus their energies.

At Ovalhouse young people have the chance to explore their potential and develop valuable creative, personal and vocational skills.

Ovalhouse has been committed to this innovative and pioneering work for 50 years.


To ensure we can match that commitment with the facilities and artistic staff that our work requires, we need your support.