The Cinema Museum

Hosted by Game of Thrones’ Eugene Simon

28 June 2016

In June 2016 we held an open event at Ovalhouse “The Cinema Museum”. We were lucky enough to have Eugene Simon from Game of Thrones host the event for us.​

The Young Associates from our participation curated an exhibition of their favourite images from the Ovalhouse Archives.

We heard from our Patron Jenny Sealey about why she chose to lend her voice to Ovalhouse.​

We heard from our Patron Pierce Brosnan (via video) about what Ovalhouse means to him.

Development Board Member Storme Toolis told us about her journey through Ovalhouse and shared a clip from “Redefining Juliet”, a unique retelling of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet using a group of diverse actors - all with disabilities or differences. Tall, small, large, deaf, limbless or wheelchair using, but each owning the iconic Shakespearean character of Juliet for themselves.​

Thank you to everyone who attended! Old friends, new friends and all of those in between.

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