Redefining Juliet - A Gala Performance

Thursday 4 May 2017

Think you know all about Juliet? Think you know who she is? Well think again.

Redefining Juliet is a unique re-telling of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet featuring six actresses, all with disabilities and differences, who play the iconic role of Juliet. The show seeks to challenge perceptions of beauty and disability. Using a witty combination of original text and verbatim theatre this thought-provoking, frank, funny and feminist show explores what it means to be ‘not beautiful enough’ in the industry and why Juliet is a part for every woman in the world.

We really enjoyed having so many of our friends and supporters attend such an amazing performance donated to us by Development Board Member and Ovalhouse Alumna Storme Toolis.

We raised money for our move to Brixton and hopefully we let you know a little more about what we do here at Ovalhouse, and what we plan to do in our new home in Brixton.​

With thanks to Robin Priest, Deborah Bestwick, Gary Johnson, Katie Milton, Storme Toolis & Jeremy Day for speeches, raffles prizes, performances and wine.

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