Pillar of Support


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 Alex Clarke 
 Amanda Campbell 
 Angela Hyde-Courtney  
 Anton Simon 
 Arts Council England 
 Barry Cox CBE 
 Bonnar Keenleyside 
 Brian and Sheila Carter 
 Chris Dixon Kenneth Elliot & Rowe 
 David Carrington 
 Deborah Bestwick 
 Esther Leeves 
 For Emily Wiffen 
 Foster & Wilson Architects 
 Frederick and Robyn Lyons 
 Gay and William Clegg QC 
 Howard Loxton 
 Ian Plenderleith 
 Jeremy Day 
 Jon Davies and Deborah Arnott 
 Kate Trevelyan Kee 
 Katie Milton 
 Kirsty and Jeremy Hardie 
 London Borough of Lambeth  
 Lucy Hannah 
 Miles Ruffell 
 Oladipo Agboluaje  
 Paul Disley-Tindell 
 Peter Jay 
 Peter Manning 
 Pierce Brosnan 
 Richer Sounds (London Bridge) 
 Roberta Anderson 
 Robin and Frances-Gilkes 
 Robin Priest 
 Shinade Haughton 
 Southside Chamber of Commerce 
 Storme Toolis 
 Victoria Hardie 
 William Rathbone OBE



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Andrew Hill
Andrew Paterson
Brian Walters
Brian Wilson
Cat Lee
Clifton Hughes
David & Helen Crowe
David Bentley
David Ricks
Dennis Armstrong
Dennis Faulkner
Dr John Drury
Elizabeth Rasskazova
Eugenie Small
Eve Salomon & Stephen Whittle
Garth Haythornthwaite
George Wilkinson
Harold Marchant
HM Sassoon Charitable Trust
J M Dando
J R Grundon
Jeremy Orme
John Spall
John Watson
Kenneth Emberton
Martin Humphries
Martin Orde
Martyn Holland
Mat Fraser
Michael & Jacqueline Abbott
Michael Craddock
Mike Bright
Mr & Mrs Peter Gerrard
Neil Sanders
Nicholas and Sarah Nops
Oladipdo Agboluaje
Patrick Ridley
Peter Bassett
Peter Mudford
Robert Hanbury
Roger Gibbs
Ronus Foundation
Sir John Aird
Timothy & Margaret Cawkwell
William Dieneman
William Trower