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Story #1

  • 10 September 7.30pm

A Pay-What-You-Can performance by Greg Wohead & Rachel Mars

  • Wheelchair Access

Dark and Lovely by Selina Thompson

  • Weds 7 – Sat 10 October 19.30pm, Weds 14 – Sat 17 October 19.30pm, Sat Matinee 10 October 2pm

Selina Thompson has been exploring afro hair: its politics, its connotations, its history and what it tells us about being Black, British and Female in the UK today.

  • Wheelchair Access

FABULISM - our autumn 2015 season

  • Oct 7 - 28 Nov 2015

How does a Snake Shed its Skin? by Slip of Steel

  • Wed 7 Oct – Sat 10 Oct, 7:45pm

Margaret Thatcher; Virginia Woolf; Marilyn Monroe: a show created from the diaries, letters and to-do lists of this peculiar trio.

  • Wheelchair Access

Something Else by Leigh/ Obolewicz/ O'Connor

  • Wed 14 Oct – Sat 17 Oct, 7:45pm

A post-digital Bonnie and Clyde. Enter a near future of total surveillance, and join the underground group who deliver secrets hand to hand, no matter what.


  • Wed 21 Oct – Thu 22 Oct, 6:00pm


The Paper Project brings you a visually exciting and emotionally moving pop-up performance.

  • Wheelchair Access

All That Lives by Tatty Hennessy

  • Wed 21 Oct – Sat 24 Oct, 7:45pm

Henrietta Lacks died in 1951.

But her cells didn’t.

A true story of immortality, exploitation and what rights we have over bodies when we die.

Invisible Treasure by fanSHEN

  • Tues 27 Oct - Sat 14 Nov, see below for times

Invisible Treasure is an interactive digital playspace, an electrifying exploration of human relationships, power structures and individual agency, where your actions can change everything.

  • Wheelchair Access

Work Play by Nick Field

  • Thurs 29 - Sat 31 October 7.45pm, Sun 1 November 5.15pm

Work Play explores the games we play at work, and why. Searching, playful and interactive, this show leads the audience through surreal encounters with overblown workplace politics.

Here's Hoping by Accidental Collective

  • Thurs 5 & Fri 6 November 7.45pm, Sat 7 & Sun 8 November 5.15pm

Times are tough. Everyone knows things are bad. Austerity, the environment, the Middle East, Nigel Farage... there’s no end to it.  Hoping is hard. 

Me and Mr C by Gary Kitching

  • Wed 18 Nov – Sat 21 Nov, 7:30pm

Me and Mr C. is about a voice in your head that claims with authority that you are a worthless piece of shit. An experience you may be able to sympathise with.

Saudade by Xavier de Sousa

  • Wed 18 Nov – Sat 21 Nov, 7:45pm

Saudade is a yearning for the return of that now gone. This is a show about migration, 'being from a certain place' and what makes you identify with a country, its culture and people.