Fri 8 Jun

Be Good Revolutionaries

Fri 8 Jun, 7:45pm

By Dirty Market.

In the hideaway house of a rebel leader's family, we enter a world of rituals and secrets. Daddy has long since gone; lost in the jungle on a dangerous mission. His wife and children crave his return, and their waiting games have taken a sinister twist.


Fri 8 Jun, 8:00pm

Created and performed by Brian Lobel.

Socialisation is like a folk dance lesson: seemingly-innocuous, potentially-traumatising, mandatory.

The Waiting Room

Tue 15 May – Tue 17 Jul, 3:00pm

NB Not open Thurs 12 - Sat 14 July

The Waiting Room is an audio piece designed to be accessed on your smartphone via a series of QR codes placed within the Café Gallery.  Made up of 12 2-minute chapters, the piece can be experienced in its entirety, through individual character narratives (3-4 chapters) or as 12 ephemeral moments in time.
Accessible via a visitor's smartphone, there will also be specific dates where MP3 players will be available to borrow to listen to the full 24 minute audio piece.