Wed 27 Feb


Wed 27 Feb, 7:45pm

Sex toys are seducing the high street. Fifty Shades is dominating the bestseller lists. Britain has truly pried apart the thighs of oppression and entered a brave new kinky world... or has it? Underneath the covers of our new-found liberation, politics is flirting outrageously with our right to a private life.


Wed 27 Feb, 8:00pm

Previews 19 & 20 February

Somewhere out there in the future a woman called Emma and a sentient vacuum cleaner called Hooverdroid have fallen in love. This future-queer love affair brings joy, heartache, hard-drive overload and internment… Against all the odds a biobot-hoover-baby is born. 
It's an absolute scandal.

Your Place Or Mine

Wed 27 Feb, 8:15pm

The Turing archive, a treasure chest of histories, is being downsized; money is tight and space is precious.  But what should be saved? And is it really worth saving anything anyway? Two colleagues risk discarding a few innocent looking documents and erasing a whole past.  A mischievous piece about forgetting, activism and apathy.

The Artist’s Greatest Strength is People Watching

Tue 29 Jan – Sat 9 Mar, 3:00pm

Tues-Sat 3-9pm

Gavin Dobson is a London based illustrator. Initially training in Fine Art at Middlesex University, his artwork is inspired by a huge love of Graphic Novels and American comic books, in particular of the 1980’s.