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fanSHEN and Tipping Point, with Ovalhouse present

Invisible Treasure by fanSHEN


Invisible Treasure is an interactive digital playspace, an electrifying exploration of human relationships, power structures and individual agency, where your actions can change everything. Suitable for ages 7 and upwards.

  • Wheelchair Access
This event is part of the Fabulism autumn 2015 season
  • Tues 27 Oct - Sat 14 Nov, NB we ony have availability on Sat 14 Nov 4.30pm

Venue: Downstairs

No actors. No plot. But there’s you. And maybe that’s enough.

When will you follow the rules and when will you break them? What risks are you prepared to take? How will you know if you’re seeing the whole picture? Using cutting-edge sensor, sound and projection technologies, Invisible Treasure is a journey through seven levels of unreality in a world that feels like the inside of a computer game but yet seems strangely similar to our own.

Time to join the dots.

A Collaboration with Hellicar & Lewis

Invisible Treasure is suitable for ages 7 and up. Perfect for a Half Term treat!
*SPECIAL OFFER: Book 1 Adult and 1 Child ticket and you can add another 'Kid for A Quid'. Discount is applied automatically at checkout -  no limit to number of uses.

Invisible Treasure is 70 minutes long and there is no seating. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with Box Office on 020 7582 7680.

Post show discussions:

Sunday 1 November: Co-creating stories of change the role of the audience in environmentally-engaged art 

Thursday 5 November : Arts & Activism

Wednesday 11 November: Playable/ interactive theatre

fanSHEN are running two workshops as part of Invisible Treasure:

7 November, 11am - 1pm: How to run a theatre company

14 November, 11am - 1pm: Devising with fanSHEN

Invisible Treasure is part of our autumn 2015 theatre season FABULISM, celebrating the fantastical in the everyday setting. Click here to take a look the other shows that make up FABULISM.


  • Sun 8 Nov, 3:53pm

Direction/Concept Dan Barnard & Rachel Briscoe
Design Cécile Trémolières
Lighting Design Josh Pharo
Composer Richard Hammarton
Producer Jo Mackie
Developed by Barra Collins, Clare Dunn, Shireen Mula, Ed Richards, Delme Thomas.

fanSHEN exists to transform the world into something to be experienced, rather than something which is consumed. Our work rehearses different ways of being; we aspire to be a microcosm of the world we want to create.

We’re fascinated by the relationship we have with our environment; an ecological environment but also a social and political one. We want to create more moments of beauty, joy and meaning, and challenge the idea that life is frightening. We’re interested in making art part of what it means to be a citizen rather than an activity paid for by certain people, taking place in certain buildings.

fanSHEN works with an eclectic mashup of influences; Aristotle sits alongside Naomi Klein sits alongside the Countdown theme tune in our work. We want both anarchic chaos and intellectual rigour. We celebrate complexity and work on the principle that people are smarter and more generous than they are often given credit for. We want to exist in dialogue with the communities where we make work; to take and invite an approach of curiosity; and to laugh, because why not.

Additional information

Invisible Treasure is a Tipping Point and Stories of Change Commission, with Ovalhouse; supported by the National Lottery through Arts Council England, the Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, the Sculpt the Future Foundation and Unity Theatre Trust.

Click here for information about fanSHEN's Invisible Treasure workshops.

Invisible Treasure is 70 minutes and there is no seating. If you have any questions about this, please get in touch with Box Office on 020 7582 7680.

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