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Ovalhouse in partnership with Bar Wotever

Non Binary Cabaret

Non Binary Cabaret is a platform for performers and audience members to connect with each other's individual stories, created by Ingo Cando for Wotever World.  We create an intimate and cosy atmosphere as Non Binary Cabaret is a place for people to laugh, cry, educate and be educated. 

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Fri 10 Nov, 7:30pm

Running time: 90 minutes

Venue: Downstairs

We ask our favourite performers to bring and prepare an act, something that is important to them, something that makes them happy, or something they need to get off their chest! All is welcome at Non Binary Cabaret, so long as there is no discrimination or ‘phobic’ behaviour of any kind. Come snuggle up on a theatre chair and witness the living history of London queer cabaret! This is Queer theory in practise, with and by some of the leading stars Bar Wotever & Wotever World work with.

BAR WOTEVER is a weekly queer variety show featuring the best LGBT and Queer performers from all over the world. Created in 2005, the legendary Bar Wotever is one of the world’s longest running weekly queer performance events. 


  • Fri 10 Nov, 7:30pm

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