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One Item Only by Margarita Sidirokastriti

Written and Performed by Margarita Sidirokastriti

Directed by Craig Edwards


Running time: 45 minutes

Venue: Upstairs

Please note that, regrettably, the upstairs theatre is not currently accessible for wheelchair users.

If you had to take a long journey away from home and you could only take one item with you – what would it be? This is the decision our young hero has to make in this story of human migration.

Follow one girl's journey across continents in search of refuge from her troubled homeland, in this eventful and uplifting story of hope and resilience where the human spirit triumphs.

Inspired by recent events, and created by Bristol-based Greek artist, Margarita Sidirokastriti, audiences will get a glimpse of the challenges of her adventurous journey as she travels towards an uncertain but ultimately optimistic future. 

Buy a Family Ticket £28 for four (2 adults & 2 children) and save £4

Recommended for ages 6+

We chatted with Margarita about One Item Only...

What was your inspiration for making One Item Only?

Margarita: My inspiration for One Item Only has come from different angles. First came the absurdity of the ways modern humans illegally transit around the world. Then came the very negative representation of immigration in the media during the 2015 election campaign and in extension the referendum campaign, and then came the referendum result. I found that this negative representation, apart from fear of 'the other', also provoked a level of desensitization towards a difficult human condition. Therefore I felt obliged to intend to give a different "take" on a universal issue.

Why did you decide to make this show for children?

M: Controversial as it might sound, when I was researching and creating the show, in my mind I was thinking "people". I created a show that I hope will resonate to young and old alike. Furthermore, I truly believe that children should not be excluded from uncomfortable truths. After all they have a massive capacity for empathy,  incredible critical minds and the power to define the future.

What can we expect from the show? Will we feel excited, scared, happy, sad?

M: You can expect a heart warming adventure with elements of danger, excitement, hope and joy and yes there are sad moments too. So I would say expect to take home a variety of thoughts and feelings! 

What item would you take with you?

M: My smile and a harmonica. I would finally learn to play it! 

  • Thu 1 Jun, 11:30am
  • Thu 1 Jun, 2:30pm
  • Fri 2 Jun, 11:30am
  • Fri 2 Jun, 2:30pm
  • Sat 3 Jun, 11:30am
  • Sat 3 Jun, 2:30pm

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