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A collection of snippet previews and performances of upcoming writing by Ovalhouse's EMERGING ARTISTS.

  • Sat 4 Mar, 7:00pm

Venue: Downstairs

The brainchild of creatives who have benefitted from Ovalhouse Youth Arts initiatives, SCRATCH THIS! arms the artists of tomorrow with an opportunity to present brave new work in its early stages of development.
Hosted by the awesome Just Justin, witness a collection of snippet previews and performances of upcoming writing by Ovalhouse's young artists, plus music from BrazenFlow and introducing Tudor Davies as ‘Seamus’.


With 90’s tunes on the decks and networking in the café afterwards, bring your friends, dancing shoes, and come and be part of an infectiously fun night! 

SCRATCH THIS! is brought to you by Ovalhouse’s EMERGING ARTISTS as part of Ovalhouse’s 33% London Project.

What does it mean to be an adult and when do you become one?

RISLING'S RAVE REVIEWS by Jordan Daniel Mitchell
Self-Proclaimed film critic legend Jay Risling makes a media comeback in the form of his brand new online media platform - Risling's Rave Reviews

CHIPS AND FOOTBALL by Reuben Massiah
In Reuben Massiah's Chips and Football the friendship of two star student footballers is tested as islamophobic views and hate filled discrimination sifts into their school.

MOTHERHOOD by Stephanie T Clarke
Stephanie T Clarke recalls the beautiful transition and preparation as she welcomes her first born into the world, with the incredible support from her family.  

RACE CARD by Shinade Haughton A teacher’s boundaries are tested as conflict between two students aggravates her judgement leading her professionalism astray.

SWEET LIKE CHOCOLATE, BOY by Tristan Fynn-Aiduenu
​A fantastical storytelling epic about two black boys finding themselves in a poltically black and charged London




  • Sat 4 Mar, 7:00pm

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