Visually impaired walkthrough

Oval Underground Station

Ovalhouse is an easy one minute walk from Oval underground station, with no road crossings. The station, served by the Northern Line, has one exit.

Turn left out of the station, and walk with the building line on your left. Ovalhouse is at a distance of about 130 metres. The busy road on your right is the Kennington Oval.

You may hear or see a bus stop about half way along your route, at the kerb. To your left, there’s a red brick building with huge lettering, saying ‘OVALHOUSE' white writing on a blue background. 10 metres before the theatre, there is a tactile pavement marking.

Turn left into the theatre car park. A short entrance path dissecting the car park leads to double manual doors at the theatre entrance. If you overshoot the turn to the theatre, there’s no obvious sign, other than the pavement dips and rises again as though to a side road.

Bus routes 36, 185 and 436

These buses go via Kennington Oval, the road adjacent to the theatre. From the south, ask for the Oval. The bus will drop you on the Ovalhouse theatre side of the road.

From the bus stop, turn right and walk for 60 or 70 metres then turn left into the theatre.

On leaving the theatre, you need to cross the main road to get to your return bus stop. Come out of the theatre, turn right and after 10 metres or so, you will find the tactile pavement surface marking the main road crossing. It is pedestrian controlled and has an audible bleep. There is no island in the middle.

On reaching the opposite pavement, turn right. After a few paces you reach a down kerb and a side road. This is the entrance to the Oval Cricket Ground.

Cross this side road and immediately you are at another textiled down kerb marking a second side road. This turning serves an estate so traffic, though two way, is limited. With due care this road may be crossed safely. The bus stop is 50 metres further on. Note that on this side of the main road the bus shelter is on the building line, not at the kerb.

From the north, you need, of course, to reverse the instructions given immediately above. The bus will drop you on the opposite side to the theatre and you will need to cross the main road, Kennington Oval.

Turn left off the bus, walk for 50 metres or so until you reach a down kerb and the first of two side roads. Cross both of these and on the second up kerb start looking out for the tactile markings for the main road crossing just a few paces on. Cross the main road and turn right. The Ovalhouse is on your left after about 10 metres.

On leaving the Ovalhouse, turn right and walk for 60 metres, with the guiding road on your left. The bus shelter is on your left at the kerb.

Vauxhall British Rail Station

The theatre is about a 15 minute walk from Vauxhall Station, and feasible with sighted help and an A to Z.If alone, take the Victoria Line from Vauxhall one stop south to Stockwell and change onto the Northern Line north-bound one stop to the Oval.


  1. The Oval Cricket Ground is a useful landmark since the entrance is virtually opposite Ovalhouse Theatre.
  2. For further information about all public transport in London call, 0207 222 1234.

Directions inside the theatre

The café is to the left and the box office to the right. Ovalhouse staff are friendly and helpful. If you would like assistance in moving round the theatre, please ask at the box office.