Mazí Mas Roaming Restaurant

We're delighted to welcome Mazí Mas roaming restaurant back to our cafe with delicious menus from around the world – including Peru, Brazil, Iran, Turkey and Ethiopia. The menu changes daily as each chef brings tastes and stories from her country to Ovalhouse theatre goers. Follow them on twitter to find out who is cooking every day @eatmazimas.


The restaurant and bar is currently open Thurs-Sat, and will then be open every theatre evening plus Half-Term lunchtimes during our FABULISM season from 7 October - 28 November

NB Booking is advised. We have been very busy lately so book a table to avoid disappointment!
For parties of over 6 people please give at least two days notice. Call 078566 58936 to book.


Mazí Mas, meaning ‘with us’ in Greek, is a social enterprise restaurant that brings exciting, global home cooking to the public, and creates employment for aspiring women food entrepreneurs from migrant and refugee communities. 

"Far from being unskilled, these women possess skills which are highly marketable in an increasingly food-obsessed London . What they lack are the means, knowledge, and networks to turn these skills into economic opportunity. At Mazi Mas we give them the opportunity to engage with a public which is – quite literally – hungry for their talent.

We work in partnership with small businesses and many fellow social enterprises, and source our produce from local farms, including Sutton Community Farm, one of London’s largest community farms. We are passionate about doing our part to strengthen local economies and to support other businesses that are dedicated to providing meaningful, fulfilling, and justly paid work.

Mazi Mas was named one of Britain’s 50 New Radicals by Nesta and The Observer in 2014. This has allowed us to connect with a wonderful group of people who are contributing to positive social change in inspiring and innovative ways, and addressing global problems at a local level."

To find out more about Mazi Mas visit their website 

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Additional information

About the chefs

Roberta Siao - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Roberta was born in Rio de Janeiro. She has loved cooking since she was a child, when she used to conduct barbeque experiments in the backyard of her family home over a couple of bricks and a wood fire. She moved to London after meeting her husband, leaving behind a job at the Central Bank of Brazil. She has a son, Thomas, who now accompanies her on her culinary explorations of London’s markets, cafés, and food festivals. She believes that food is about nourishing, caring, and sharing, and is fundamental to a life well-lived. “Together, sharing food and love, life becomes more meaningful. That’s what Mazí Mas is all about for me.”

Zohreh Shahrabi - Tehran, Iran
Zohreh was born and raised in Tehran. She studied art in Iran, and moved to the UK to pursue a degree in Design at Coventry University. She became interested in cooking because she loves to eat (“I’m very greedy!”), and enjoyed it so much that she started a small food business selling Iranian sandwiches. Zohreh sees cooking as a kind of art, where the pan becomes your canvas and the colours of the dish are added with spices and herbs. She would like to open her own Iranian coffee shop in London, where she is now living with her son. She loves that at Mazí Mas different chefs, each from a different country, with a different language and different cultures, come together to cook food that can’t be found anywhere else.

Azeb Woldemicheal - Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Azeb was born and raised in Addis Ababa, and lived in Italy for 17 years before moving to the UK. She has a diploma in Accounting but her passion has always been food, having grown up in a big family where food brought everyone together. Azeb worked in both Ethiopian and Italian restaurants whilst living in Italy, and her lasagne is as exceptional as her doro wet. Her life changed in 2000 with the birth of her son Jonathan, whose education eventually led her to London. Azeb loves discovering new cuisines and trying recipes she has learned from her fellow Mazí Mas chefs, and hopes to open an Ethiopian coffee shop in London.

Marlith Tenazoa Del Aguila - Rioja, Peru
Marlith was born and raised in the Peruvian Amazon. She was a successful food entrepreneur in Peru for many years before emigrating to Spain and finally moving to London in 2012. She has always enjoyed cooking and sees food as a reason to bring together family and friends. Working with Mazí Mas has helped her access the London food scene and launch her catering business, Cocina Peru. She values being part of the Mazí Mas team, and enjoys having the opportunity to learn and to share what has been collectively achieved.

Ezgi Koyupinar - Adana, Turkey
Ezgi is half Syrian and half Turkish. She was born in a city where the food was dominated by Arabic culture – couscous, chilli, sun dried tomato and pepper paste, kebab, yogurt and tahini featured daily.She sees a strong connection between food and culture. Her Turkish mother taught her how to be a tidy, organised cook and her father gave the skills to reproduce rusticSyrian flavours. For Ezgi, cooking is about community, helping each other and sharing food. These are the values she is now passing on to her two children.

Susana Urteaga - Iquitos, Peru
Susana grew up in Iquitos, in the middle of the Peruvian rainforest. At age twenty-two she emigrated to Spain, where she lived for twenty years. She and her husband then moved to Orlando, Florida, where she worked as a chef at a Jewish-American community centre. She was hired specifically because she cooked Peruvian food, which everyone loved.
Susana has been living in London since 2012. She has raised three sons as well as her nephew, and they have all followed her to London. She enjoys London because of its ethnic diversity and also because she likes that English people are very polite!