A review of Invisible Treasure, by Student Ambassador Rachel Buckley

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If you like your theatre modern, immersive and interactive, then Invisible Treasure is for you. What with the stage being called an 'interactive play-space' by the creators of the piece fanSHEN theatre company, the audience really do become the performers. Without giving too much away, the audience are forced to interact with the other members of the public, most of whom are complete strangers, in order to figure out the games to allow you to the next level, whilst being overlooked by an ominous giant rabbit in the corner of the room. 

Though the space is empty apart from a yellow AstroTurf'ed  floor and above mentioned giant rabbit, the room is still a wonder of lights and screens all around, including the ceiling. The piece as a whole, though infuriating at times when trying to figure out the answer, was very surreal giving off a dreamlike feel.

The main feature I 'treasured' after leaving the space was the transition between acting as adults we as entered the room feeling slightly nervous and embarrassed with a group of strangers, to rolling around the floor, shouting and generally just working together to figure out each task out. Feeling like it was part theatre, part social experiment, it took away those initial feelings  of 'not wanting to put your hand up in class' and replaced them with a feeling of lightness, fun and competitiveness. 

Invisible Treasure is perfect for all ages, family and children - whether you're competitive (like me) and want to logically figure out why and what is going on or just want to introduce your kids to the wonders and many weird boundaries that theatre can push to, then I would definitely suggest you try and grab a ticket as I know they are running out fast!

Invisible Treasure took place 27 October-14 November 2015.

Additional information

Rachel Buckley is currently a third year Drama and Performance student at London South Bank University. Rachel has a vast and diverse passion for all things theatre and hopes to further her experiences in acting, directing, writing and devising. Alongside her studies and working on the South Bank market, Rachel also enjoy movies and books.