Meet the Ovalhouse Patrons

Meet our Patrons, leading the #RoadToBrixton

"All of our Patrons have a special story to tell about their time at Ovalhouse. We are proud to have the support of so many immensely talented and creative people as we work together to build a fantastic new building to support the work of the talented people to come."

Deborah Bestwick MBE, Director of Ovalhouse

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Pierce Brosnan OBE

Patron of Ovalhouse, April 2015

“I am deeply honored to be a Patron of the Ovalhouse Theatre; it’s where it all began for me back in 1971. I discovered the world of literature and the arts through theatre, music, dance, and community. I found a home in the arts, within the walls of the Ovalhouse. It was a powerful first step for a 16 year-old Irishman who was not sure of where the next step in life would take him. I was introduced to the exotic world of The Living Theatre, as well as La MaMa, Grotowski, Lecoq, mime, dance, fire eating, street theatre, children’s theatre, and live performance theatre. I found a place where I could dream and be part of a community that made me come alive. I was allowed to express become an actor and an artist. 

Now, a whole new generation is about to discover a new Ovalhouse Theatre in the heart and soul of Brixton where new music will be written and performed, original theatre will be seen, new writers will be heard, and new ideas shaped and created. It's all there on your very own doorstep."

Watch Pierce talk about his time at Ovalhouse.

Paulette Randall MBE

Patron of Ovalhouse, November 2015

Ovalhouse Patron and Brixton Resident, the theatre director Paulette Randall says

“I am doubly thrilled about the prospect of Ovalhouse relocating to Brixton. It’s always been a vibrant, exciting and invaluable centre for the arts which really engages with its local and artistic communities. It’s also an organisation with whom I have had a personal and professional relationship for the past thirty years. The thought of having that on my own doorstep is brilliant.  It’s like having your best friend and favourite colleague move in next door. This is fantastic news!”

Sanjeev Bhaskar​ OBE

Patron of Ovalhouse, February 2016

Sanjeev Bhaskar’s experience at Ovalhouse was life changing. His show, The Secret Asians, with composer Nitin Sawhney was discovered by the BBC here in our Upstairs Theatre in 1995. As a result it evolved into the seminal radio and TV comedy series Goodness Gracious Me and he became a household name.
Sanjeev says: 

“Ovalhouse holds a special place in my heart. It is a hotbed of creativity and opportunity, which is vital to both its local community and the wider cultural environment of the city. I was enormously privileged to have worked there when I did and That experience changed my life in more ways than I could’ve ever imagined. I know I am not alone in that and the move to Brixton will ensure that Ovalhouse will continue to provide such opportunities and being a place such of vibrance and excitement way into the future. Let’s make it happen!!"

Watch a film of Sanjeev talking about Ovalhouse.

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Jenny Sealey MBE

Patron of Ovalhouse, April 2016

Jenny says:

“When Deborah asked me to be patron I went all tingly and I had a series of flashbacks of seeing so much disability arts developed, nurtured and represented by Ovalhouse. I also have very special memories as I did my first ever show at Ovalhouse with the Graeae Theatre Company; a production called Two by Jim Cartwright.

Ovalhouse is a hothouse of creativity, taking risks and believing in artists no one else would believe in. The tenacity and drive pays huge dividends to the theatrical landscape and now that force of energy is propelling us to a new home with bigger ambitions and a glorious vision for the future. I am so very proud to be part of it."

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