Fundraising parties and launches at Ovalhouse

Katie Milton 21st April 2016

Sue Timothy 9th July 2016

Two friends of Ovalhouse arranged to have the Birthdays at Ovalhouse this year. This was facilitated by the Development Department.

Katie Milton, Development Director, had her birthday at Ovalhouse this year. We used this opportunity to launch “The Capital Campaign Cocktail”. A blue mojito with an Ovalhouse themed blue ingredient!

Thank you to Katie’s family and friends who came along to support Katie and The Capital Campaign.

Sue Timothy, Ovalhouse Trustee, had her Birthday at Ovalhouse in July this year. We themed the event with some nice food from in-house kitchen pop-up Bokit’la and chose some of Sue’s favourite music, The Beach Boys, to play throughout the evening.

Thank you to Sue and Sue’s friends and family for supporting the Capital Campaign on the night with numerous donations and Buy-A-Brick Bricks bought this evening.

For more information and to talk to us about our Capital Campaign contact:

Contact our Development Director - Capital Campaign

Katie Milton or call 020 7820 7273