DIVERSITY 13 A major Ovalhouse commission to make a piece of live performance exploring ‘diversity’

A commission to make a piece of live performance for Ovalhouse downstairs space 
exploring | celebrating | interrogating the idea of 'diversity' in 2013
What does it mean to be diverse?
What does diverse work look/ feel/ sound like?
What are the expectations of diverse work and how do you feel about them?
Are some kinds of 'diverse' more recognised than others?
How do you feel about the word 'diverse' coming before the word 'artist'?
If 'diverse' means 'different', then how can 'diverse' be a grouping?
Who gets to decide who is 'diverse'?
What makes work diverse - people or practice?
What is the relationship between diversity and radical politics?
What does diversity mean for form?
How can you make a piece of theatre about all this which will be theatrically exciting?
Over the last 50 years, artists too radical, too different, too unfamiliar for the mainstream have found a home at Ovalhouse. But as the mainstream evolves and the language changes, we want to make sure that we are continuing to support what has come to be called diversity. And we want you, the artists loosely grouped under the flag of diversity, to help us to do this - by making a piece of work which in some way responds to the questions we are asking ourselves, those questions which appear above.
We're asking you to start with ideas but your story, your visuals, how you respond to the space, the experience you give the audience is equally important. We are asking you to experiment with these ideas in a dramatic context. Your process might start with text or movement or a collaboration or something else.
Artists/ companies
•       who want to create a new piece of work inspired by ideas and questions concerned with 'diversity'
•       whose work only works in a live environment
•       who want to inhabit and transform a large space
•       3 weeks in a rehearsal room: 20 May - 8 June 2013
•       3 weeks in a fully equipped performance space: 10 - 29 June 2013 (part of the Summer Season at Ovalhouse)
•       20 hrs tech support
•       40% box office takings
•       inclusion in Ovalhouse brochure (5,000 copies)
•       admin space and marketing support
•       dramaturgical support
•       £13,000 commissioning contribution to your budget
•       £2,000 producer fee


Please send us answers to the following questions
Who are you? (100 words, please include email and phone contact details)
What do you want to work on? (500 words)
What will it be like for an audience? (200 words)
Why do you want to make this piece now? (100 words)
Tell us 3 influences on your work/ this piece (150 words)
Additionally, you can supply 1 A4 page with images/ links to your work.

Please send your application to programming@ovalhouse.com with ‘Diversity 13 ‘ in the subject line.
Deadline: Monday 21 January, 9am.
We will meet shortlisted applicants the following week.