Associate Artists

In 2019-20 our three Associate Artists will make a valuable contribution to the creative life of Ovalhouse, working closely with us to develop audiences, create new work, and be a part of a new peer-to-peer support network. Associates also mentor artists from Learning and Participation projects. 


Joana Nastari

Jo is a poet, actor, writer and community organiser. She organises events, workshops and parties with the Sex Work communities. She works across work across artforms such as story-telling, cabaret, dance, Latin music to create theatre that is politically charged, but populist in form. Jo will present Amazonian Sweat Lodge as a FiRST BiTE with Koko Brown in Spring 2019.



The Thelmas

The Thelmas is a new writing company dedicated to the development and promotion of early career female writers and theatre makers. The company comprises founder and director Madelaine Moore, and writer Guleraana Mir. They will be making Guleraana's female ensemble play, Bootcamp and continuing work on Santi & Naz, a new two-hander. They will also work on a new participatory oral history project that explores tiny acts of civil disobedience, gentrification and desire; both personal and communal. 




Xana is a live looper musician, poet and sound designer. Xana will be creating their debut show, Swallowing Your Idols, exploring accountability of childhood trauma and loving your younger self and the relationship between your memories of coming into your adulthood, and Animate the Archive, an album centred on the importance of legacy and who gets to speak for those erased by the state.