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#CONNECT: Brixton 2020

  • Mon 8 Apr, 6:30pm

Come and explore the plans for our new theatre in Brixton. With scale models and digital designs, have your say about our new programme and how you can get involved!

The Pitchfork Disney

  • Sat 6 Apr, 7:30pm

Two siblings learn how cruel the world is when Cosmo Disney comes knocking.

Amazonian Sweat Lodge

  • Thu 28 Mar – Sat 30 Mar, 7:45pm

After a transcendent spiritual awakening Jo & Koko have returned to London from The Amazon. Step into their sweat lodge and journey through the cosmos of faux spirituality, songs, ceremony, and Amazon purchases.  

Divine Intervention

  • Wed 20 Mar – Fri 22 Mar, 7:45pm

This electrifying gig-theatre production follows two broken people and their search for salvation. 


Random Selfies

  • Wed 20 Mar - Sat 6 Apr, times vary

Choose Your Own Matinee: If you are booking 60 or more tickets you can select the time of your performance

Performed on a digitally animated set, Random Selfies by award-winning playwright Mike Kenny brings to life the vivid imagination of ten-year-old Loretta; a lonely girl in a busy world. Offie-nominated in 2018.


  • Wheelchair Access

#CONNECT: Writing With Your Authentic Voice

  • Tue 12 Mar, 6:30pm

With the lack of voices from underrepresented groups being given space and a platform, shouldn’t their stories be left for them to tell? Explore questions of authenticity, representation, trauma and struggle and voice together.

#CONNECT: Telling Stories

  • Mon 11 Mar, 2:00pm

Spoken word artist and playwright Nick Makoha leads a masterclass for poets exploring writing for theatre for the first time.

Hijabi Matters

  • Thu 7 Mar – Sat 9 Mar, 7:45pm

A one-woman, dramatic comedy exploring identity, culture, family pressure, and forced marriage.

#Connect: Black Women in Theatre Spring 2019

  • Wed 6 Mar, 6:00pm

An opportunity to Celebrate, Congregate and Chat. Everyone is invited, as Black women in Theatre take centre stage, come to the table or simply step up to the mic. This evening of Desert Island Discs style interviews is curated by award winning playwright, fellow and professor Winsome Pinnock. Followed by a Q&A.

Smack That

  • Wed 27 Feb – Sat 16 Mar, 7:30pm (irregular performance days) | Sat 2 Mar, 2:30pm

Beverly is having a party and you are her guest. Shameless and subversive dance theatre about human resilience, survival and how we care for one another. #SmackThatAC