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Be Good Revolutionaries

By Dirty Market

By Dirty Market.

In the hideaway house of a rebel leader's family, we enter a world of rituals and secrets. Daddy has long since gone; lost in the jungle on a dangerous mission. His wife and children crave his return, and their waiting games have taken a sinister twist.

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Wed 6 Jun – Sat 23 Jun, 8:44pm

Venue: Downstairs

Directed by Georgina Sowerby & Jon Lee.
Written by Liam Clarke, Francesca Dale, Alex Britton, Jon Lee, Citlalli Millan, Laura O’Toole, Juliet Prague, Georgina Sowerby.
Pablo Baz: Lighting Design, Chris Lawley: Scenic Design, Josh Grey: Sound Design, Rebecca Thorn: Musician.

First shown in March as an Ovalhouse FiRST BiTES commision, Dirty Market are back with the full version of their sell-out show...
In the ramshackle, hideaway house of a rebel leader's family, we enter a world of rituals and secrets. Daddy has long since gone; lost in the jungle on a dangerous mission. His wife and children crave his return, and their waiting games have taken a sinister twist. When a stranger knocks on their door, a revolution is born.
Be Good Revolutionaries is a darkly comic piece about us – a generation living under the shadow of legacies and big ideas. It challenges us to wake up, take charge of ourselves and realise that it’s up to us to change an unjust world.



"...Performed and directed with sharpness and hunger." By Bella Todd, TIME OUT.


"...The brilliance of Georgina Sowerby and Jon Lee's direction is undeniable. It is at times comedic, at times terrifying and consistently entertaining. Be Good Revolutionaries packs a visceral punch and demands both attention and respect." By Tadhg Caffrey, WHATS ON STAGE.


Post Show events:
Live music in the cafe, Thursday 14 and Thursday 21 June

Just announced: the fantastically talented Rebecca Thorn (from the cast of Be Good Revolutionaries) and friends will be playing their own music after the shows on Thursday 14th and 21st of June.
'...Rebecca Thorn’s singing is excellent – her voice is beautiful and really adds to the piece’s atmosphere.' Roe Lane.
For more info about Rebecca's music go to :

Free post-show discussion,  Tuesday 19 June.
Dirty Market in conversation with 
Prof Harvey Cohen, Roger Lloyd Pack, James Miller and Celia Mitchell

Our biggest problem is apathy and nobody cares!
Whatever happened to passionate engagement?
Why do people feel disenfranchised?
What will it take for us to re-engage?

Join the founders of Dirty Market and their guests, Prof Harvey Cohen (Lecturer in Cultural and Creative Industries at Kings College London), Roger Lloyd Pack (actor and campaginer) , James Miller (author of 'Lost Boys') and Celia Mitchell (actress and long-time activist) as they discuss the problem of a disengaged society. Entry is free with the purchase of a ticket to Be Good Revolutionaries.



Dirty Market are theatre bricoleurs based in Southeast London. They use open, inventive approaches to make involving performances: group members sometimes swap roles, reflecting our creative ethos. Using bricolage to make new work, plays are often start-points for pieces and elements are incorporated that tradition would discard.


  • Wed 6 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Thu 7 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Fri 8 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Sat 9 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Tue 12 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Wed 13 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Thu 14 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Fri 15 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Sat 16 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Tue 19 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Wed 20 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Thu 21 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Fri 22 Jun, 7:45pm
  • Sat 23 Jun, 7:45pm

Additional information

Be Good Revolutionaries is an Ovalhouse Commssion.

A part of our OUTLAWS season:  a collection of work which runs on unruly idealism, is disarmingly playful, humbly ambitious and often still evolving. OUTLAWS contains more work-in-development than any previous season at Ovalhouse; an invitation to audiences to shape what is to come and a statement of our commitment to helping ideas become theatre.

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