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Brixton City Festival 2016

The 2016 Brixton City Festival is a celebration of Brixton with new artist commissions showcasing exciting performers.

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Thursday 11 - Sunday 14 August 2016

Venue: Elsewhere

Brixton City Festival: Where revolution meets popular entertainment. Radical and exciting voices, right up your street!

Our new four day festival across Brixton will feature unique theatrical experiences in everyday locations...

Thursday 11 August

1 - 6pm Brixton City Homeland Currency Xchange Bureau by Harald Smykla at Brixton Pound​

Bring a banknote down to the Brixton Pound, and Harald will draw an exquisitely detailed portrait of you on it!

3 & 6pm PUB by Molly Orange Street Theatre at Brixton Village

Featuring acrobatics, juggling, equilibristics, and the odd pint of Guinness, PUB is an old fashioned boozer where our landlord and landlady have a big decision to make: go hipster or go hungry. 

Friday 12 August

1 - 6pm Brixton City Homeland Currency Xchange Bureau by Harald Smykla at Brixton Pound​

7pm Artists, Musicians and Mythmakers of Brixton Tour with London Street Tours
Scripted by London Street Tours and delivered by professional storyteller Vanessa Woolf.
Vanessa will tell some top tales of Brixton’s diverse history, some of which are true, some of which are not. Prizes and forfeits for guessing right or wrong!
Tickets £3.00 The walk starts at the site where our new Brixton venue will be (the corner of Somerleyton Road, by the Nuclear Dawn mural on Coldharbour Lane) and ends at 8.30pm in Windrush Square.

9-10.30pm Lara Lee's Wonders of Brixton in Windrush Square
Join Lara Lee to create a musical soundscape live with amazing musicians, guest lyricists & you the audience! Join in and feel the vibes of the 'Wonders of Brixton'!

Saturday 13 August

1 - 6pm Brixton City Homeland Currency Xchange Bureau by Harald Smykla at Brixton Pound​

Meet at 2.15pm Brixton Market Tour with Brixton Society
Tickets £3 (includes a free book) The walk starts from the corner of Beehive Place and Brixton Station Road at 2.30pm and takes around one and a quarter hours: visit the Brixton Society website to book.

7pm & 9pm Manifesto by Courttia Newland at St Matthew's Place Church Playground

Come to the park on Saturday night for floodlights, light mics #justchilling #realtalk. Written by award-winning writer Courttia Newland and directed by National Theatre Resident Director Tarek Iskander.

Sunday 14 August

4.30pm Stories from around the world with London Dream Time
A family storytelling event with Vanessa Woolf.
Come and hear real, exciting, magical and engaging stories from around the globe with the wonderful story-teller Vanessa Woolf.
Suitable for ages 8 and under.
We will meet, and stay, in the Peace Gardens at St Matthews Church, Brixton Hill.

5.30pm Round & Round by Marawa’s Majorettes in Brixton Village and Windrush Square​
Dancehall meets reggae in this dazzling hula hoop display with LED hoops and fast paced moves on roller skates.

  • Thu 11 Aug – Thu 11 Aug
  • Thu 11 Aug, 12:00am
  • Fri 12 Aug – Fri 12 Aug
  • Fri 12 Aug, 12:00am
  • Sat 13 Aug – Sat 13 Aug
  • Sat 13 Aug, 12:00am
  • Sun 14 Aug – Sun 14 Aug
  • Sun 14 Aug, 12:00am

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