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Brixton City Festival 2017

Announcing the events of Brixton City Festival 2017, 4 days of radical entertainment filling the streets in a celebration of Brixton! All events free.

  • Thursday 21 - Sunday 24 September

Brixton City Festival: Where revolution meets popular entertainment. Radical and exciting voices, right up your street!

Our festival across Brixton features unique theatrical experiences in everyday locations.
All events are FREE but some need to be booked in advance: check our BRIXTON CITY FESTIVAL EVENTS PAGES for full details.

“Our love for Brixton is real! We are excited to again be celebrating Brixton with radical agendas, serious fun, things to get you moving and shaking – wrapped up in a weekend of free activities. This is no ordinary festival, but then again Brixton is no ordinary place!”

- Stella Kanu, Executive Producer, Ovalhouse


Thursday 21 Sep

The festival begins in our own backyard (Ovalhouse Car Park) as Gerald Winstanley's True and Righteous Mobile Incitement Unit kick us off with a rousing theatre/gig exploring the history of protest in England. 

Friday 22 Sep

The Mobile Incitement Unit moves to our FESTIVALS HUB in Atlantic Road where you can join in their radical protest workshops and catch another theatre/gig, while A Rhyming Guide to Radical Brixton invites you walk through Brixton with street poet Potent Whisper.

Saturday 23 Sep

We showcase the best of Brixton’s young musical talent with Raw Material before Brixton’s own Lara Lee returns to fill Windrush Square with smooth soul sounds with her Wonders of Brixton.

Two more chances Saturday afternoon to go on a A Rhyming Guide to Radical Brixton with Potent Whisper, and at 6pm you can join Inua Ellams on The Midnight Run, a six hour walking, arts-filled, night-time cultural journey through the streets of Brixton. 


Sunday 24 Sep

Take a secret journey through the streets of Brixton with All the Journey’s I Never Took, take part in our spectacular hula-hooping roller-disco with Marawa the Amazing or catch Bootworks as they cycle through Brixton on their mobile Jukeboxes.

  • Thu 21 Sep, 1:00pm
  • Fri 22 Sep, 1:00pm
  • Sat 23 Sep, 1:00pm
  • Sun 24 Sep, 1:00pm

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