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Heart by Zendeh +
Be Here Now by TOOT

In this You Might Also Like double bill you'll encounter Zendeh's explosive mix of political thriller with passionate love story, set in Tehran, August 1953, and TOOT's exploration of how we listen to music, build a record collection and create a soundtrack to our lives.

  • Wed 23 Oct – Sat 26 Oct, 8:45pm

Venue: Downstairs

Heart by Zendeh
Inspired by the tragic love poem Leili and Majnoun, and set in Tehran over 4 days in August 1953 against the backdrop of the 28 Mordad Coup d’etat, the play excavates obsession, madness and betrayal on a personal and global level. Imagine the perfect husband and wife. Together in the dark violence lingers, touch is forbidden. An Iranian woman, her English husband and her Syrian beau, tell their stories amongst the insistent urgency of newsreel and the rhythmic wit of poetry.


Be Here Now by TOOT
Be Here Now celebrates the thrill of anticipation and ‘music you can hold’, revelling in listening, waiting, buying, owning and consuming songs. The performance invites audiences to consider how we chart our lives through music; from building a record collection, to creating an identity and a soundtrack that defines us.

Remembering the 90’s – the last real heyday of CDs and ‘physical’ music formats - Be Here Now exists in a world of alphabetical dividers, first love, learning the words from the inlay card, youthful dreams and fantasies, flicking through hundreds of CDs to find THE next album, and queuing to buy singles on their release date. TOOT will take you to your teenage bedroom, laying amid the jewel cases, surrounded by posters, a half-written love letter by your side...waiting for it all to happen.

TOOT have also been blogging in What's On read the rest of the blog click on the extract below!

It could be said that the digital age has taken away the aura of music, the magic of that first listen and the value placed upon it. Music fans are less likely to take a risk on something new, without first watching a clip on YouTube or streaming an album for free before it's release date. That all-important sense of anticipation feels watered down. It is fantastic that we can access so much, but in doing so, are we missing out on an important part of the experience?

  • Wed 23 Oct – Sat 26 Oct, 7:45pm
  • Thu 24 Oct – Sun 27 Oct, 7:45pm
  • Fri 25 Oct – Mon 28 Oct, 7:45pm
  • Sat 26 Oct – Tue 29 Oct, 7:45pm

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These are Ovalhouse You Might Also Like commissions: a series of five double bill pairings of work-in-development, one by a London artist and one by an artist from elsewhere, offering audiences the opportunity to see something they're interested in and to try something new. Something that they might also like.

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