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Learning How To Die by Luca Rutherford

This is a show about death. Don’t let that put you off. It’s not about grief. Or pity. Or being sad. Learning How to Die might just change the way you live.

  • Wed 20 May – Sat 23 May, 8:45pm

Venue: Upstairs

Please note that, regrettably, the upstairs theatre is not currently accessible for wheelchair users.

This is a show about death. It’s not a show about being sad. Or about grief. Or pity. This is a show about the actuality of dying and how an acceptance of mortality can drive a passion for life.

Learning How To Die asks what scares us about dying, and how can we use that fear to drive our living actions. Can we stop being scared of talking about dying? Can we find new ways to talk about death now, not just when we are faced with it, or have to deal with someone else’s? It won’t make it any less painful but it might just make things easier.

Join Luca in Learning How to Die and it might just change the way you live.

Luca is a writer and performer from Newcastle. She's not afraid of talking about dying. And she hopes by the end of it you won’t be either.



"One admires Rutherford not only for the bravery it takes to confront an audience with controversial issues, but also her ability to offer up her perspective with a quiet and convincing conviction."
Everything Theatre 


Exeunt Magazine talk to Luca about the making of Learning How To Die

Dying Matters Awareness Week
18-24 May 2015

In Luca’s opinion, talking about death won't make it any less painful but it may help make this easier. This week is Dying Matters awareness week. Like this show, Dying Matters is an organisation that celebrates talking about death. 


  • Wed 20 May, 7:45pm
  • Thu 21 May, 7:45pm
  • Fri 22 May, 7:45pm
  • Sat 23 May, 7:45pm

Writer and performer: Luca Rutherford

Directed by Iain Bloomfield

Script Advisor: Chris Thorpe

Additional information

An ARC Stockton Production

Co-commissioned by ARC and Ovalhouse

Development supported by Northern Stage through the North East Artist Development Network

Image credit: Davey Poremba

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