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Box Clever


  • Tue 15 May, 2:00pm

Running time: 60 mins

Venue: Downstairs

A spine-chilling adaptation of Shakespeare’s play uses vibrant language and physical theatre to chart the devastating effect that one act of evil can have on an otherwise honourable and loyal man. We see how the ripples of that act spread to destroy both Macbeth himself and all those for whom he cared.


“The great use of the text mixed with modern language made it accessible to all. It reinforced students’ understanding of the key scenes and allowed them to understand the characters. It was a fantastic production and excellent adaptation of the play.” Head of English


  • Tue 15 May, 2:00pm
  • Tue 15 May, 7:30pm

Directed by Iqbal Khan

Adapted by Michael Wicherek

Music by Kaja Bjorntvedt


Performed by Lateshia Howell, Riad Richie and Miles Jovian.

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Age 13+

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