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Industry workshop

Learn and share your best workshop games to up your workshop game. With Yolanda Mercy and Maddy Moore.

  • Thu 21 Nov, 3:00pm

Running time: 3 hours

Venue: Upstairs Studio

Come and join fellow creatives for a half day of games. Whether you are an actor, producer, writer, director etc - this FREE session is a chance to share your A+ games and activities with your peers.  Bring your secret weapon or your favourite adaptation of a classic drama game, and leave with a load of new ones to add to your workshop toolkit.  

The session will last 3 hours and you will have approximately 10 minutes each to share. 

The session is convened by Yolanda Mercy (Actor and writer, former Ovalhouse Associate Artist)  and Maddy Moore (Artistic Director of The Thelmas, Ovalhouse Associate Artist)

  • Thu 21 Nov, 3:00pm

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