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RAZE UP: New Queer Performance

Raze have commissioned exciting queer performers from around the country to create brand new works. See four short pieces of risk-taking, celebratory and innovative new performance in one night.

  • Thu 25 Jul, 7:30pm

Running time: 90mins

Venue: Downstairs

Clumsy Bodies : Anatomy of a Panic
Anatomy of a Panic is a multi-media performance looking at the current Trans moral panic and “think of the children” narrative, looking at how we can use the childhood imagination to envision better futures for ourselves.

Erinn Dhesi : How to Find Your Future (Queer) Girlfriend 
This (faux) TED talk will give you the best practises you need to find your future queer girlfriend online. From analysing captions to photos, Erinn will ensure you have someone to bang by the next Pride festival.

SamOne SamTwo : Werk in Progress 
Werk in Progress is a movement piece which interrogates what it is to exist, dream and strive in England as queer second generation migrants.

Lasana Shabazz : Unicorns
Unicorns tells the story of what it is be queer person of colour in the LGBTQ+ community where recurring narratives are erased throughout history. “When did my story become a brown mythology?..Categorised and archived before my birth.”


Pay just £25 for the whole day when you book all three Raze Up workshops along with this event.


  • Thu 25 Jul, 7:30pm

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Book for the workshop and showcase at the same time and pay just £25

RAZE UP: Queer Performers Network

Thu 25 Jul, 5:30pm

A professional development day and showcase for queer artists of all disciplines to skill-up, meet-up, and Raze Up!

RAZE UP: Promoting Your Work with Krishna Istha

Thu 25 Jul, 10:30am

This workshops gives you tips and advice on how to sell your work. We'll look at how you use images, social media and networks to help spread the word about your art.

RAZE UP: Show Me The Money! with Bourgeois and Maurice

Thu 25 Jul, 1:00pm

This workshop will teach you how to cost your act, how to write a budget and the value of your work. You'll also learn about different funding options, including arts council funding.