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The Black Smock Band

London’s premier gay socialist folk band take on English history and some great tunes in this work-in-progress gig-performance.

  • Wheelchair Access
  • Fri 6 Nov, 9:00pm

Venue: Café Bar

Protest and rebellion are as English as rainy bank holidays, cream teas and plundering foreign countries. But plenty of people would have us ignore the great radical moments of our history. Now The Black Smock Band – London’s premier gay socialist folk band (as far as we know) - has joined forces with Daedalus Theatre Company to take a look at how out forebears fought the power. By rediscovering the songs that helped change our country, we hope to find where all this turbulence and disorder could lead us today.

This work-in-progress performance will start as a gig. If all goes well, it will end with the revolution we’ve all been waiting for.


  • Fri 6 Nov, 9:00pm

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This a free event.

Photo credit: Luke Heanue

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