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The Lady’s Not For Walking Like an Egyptian

A Counterculture 50 commission - 5 pieces 5 decades: 1980's

Drag out your Lycra legwarmers and Greenham Common Songbook.  This is the 1980s like you’ve never seen it before. Or. Exactly like you saw it before.

  • Tue 12 Feb – Sat 16 Feb, 8:00pm

Venue: Upstairs

Please note that, regrettably, the upstairs theatre is not currently accessible for wheelchair users.

Drag out your Lycra legwarmers and Greenham Common Songbook. This is the 1980s like you’ve never seen it before. Or. Exactly like you saw it before.

What do you get if you cross all of the words of Margaret Thatcher’s public speeches from the 80s with all  of the words of every top ten hit by a female artist from the 1980s and look at them through the filter of American Tan tights?

Mars.tarrab explode, expand and explore political texts and pop lyrics to ask questions about power and influence, the female voice, memory creating and seeing your Dad in tears on election night 1979.


  • Tue 12 Feb, 8:00pm
  • Wed 13 Feb, 8:00pm
  • Thu 14 Feb, 8:00pm
  • Fri 15 Feb, 8:00pm
  • Sat 16 Feb, 8:00pm

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