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Ovalhouse and MAYK present

Undersong 2020

by Verity Standen

Due to the ongong COVID-19 pandemic we have cancelled this run of Undersong, apologies for any disappointment.. All bookers should have received a full refund. If you're still waiitng please email with your booking details.

  • Tue 21 Apr – Fri 1 May, 7:30pm

Running time: 50 minutes

Venue: 100 Barrington Road, SW9 7NS

Undersong places you at the heart of a musical experience. Singers weave amongst you and around the space, filling the air with song.
You are invited to simply listen, as the performers shape the music around you. Different for every seat. Different every night. The songs range from playful whispers to rich harmony.
Verity Standen is renowned for her unique approach to vocal music. Her work draws inspiration from Eastern European folk songs, contemporary classical works, and pop anthems. She uses intricate vocal techniques and rich harmony, and allows each audience member to interpret mood and narrative for themselves.

Verity’s previous work includes HUG and Mmm Hmmm.

‘A visceral and life-affirming experience’  – Bristol 24/7


Audience Comments:

“This was beautiful and life affirming and made us cry”

“Completely mind-blowing experience; strong physical reaction, flooded with emotion, very overwhelming. Made me feel alive”

“Verity Standen creates music that speaks directly to the soul. Undersong made my ears smile (and I didn’t even know ears could do that).”

“Blown away by Verity Standen’s Undersong. The way she composes music makes me feel like I'm in a jacuzzi of sound and I never want to get out, even if I go all wrinkly.”

'That blew all the cobwebs away and brought a happy tear to my eye - incredible! Thank you'

'Just extraordinary. Thank you so much - utterly beautiful, incredibly powerful & deeply deeply moving. Amazing!'

'Brought me to the edge of tears and the brink of laughter. BEAUTIFUL. Thank you'

'UTTERLY MINDBLOWING. Most memorable and moving performance I have seen... /witnessed/heard I think ever? Thank you! Heaven felt close. Goosebumps everywhere!'

'I've never wanted to hug everyone in the room more in my life.'

'What an extraordinary piece & performance - I was transported to a magical place. Loved, loved, loved!!! I look forward to next time.'

'Extraordinarily beautiful, scary, funny - emotional - like a vocal workout that touches the heart. The spacial soundscape of moving through the space, the subtle echo, sustained loop of voices was ethereal and magical. Profoundly beautiful - thank you!'

'Incredible experience. Like song-church'

'Fabulous! Unlike anything I've experienced before & made me realise what the human voice can do, even without words. Thank you!'

'Undersong - what a fabulous experience. The sound was amazing. So uplifiting and inspiring. So uplifting and inspiring and such beautiful voices. I wish everyone could experience this. Thank you!'

'Undersong swept me off my feet and punched me in the stomach simultaneously. So accomplished, such talent, and commitment for the show. Wow! I need to go somewhere by myself & have a little cry. Ps really lovely costumes ! Thank you'

'One of the most harmonious, spiritual 45 minutes of my life. Thank you! Look forward to more shows.'

'Just sensational...! The emotional and physical tickling of my senses has left me tingling. WOW! Hair raising, spine tingling, funny yet beautiful! Well done!'

'So lovely to have this production here in Barton Hill. Gorgeous emotive performance.

  • Tue 21 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Wed 22 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Thu 23 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Fri 24 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Sat 25 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Tue 28 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Wed 29 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Thu 30 Apr, 7:30pm
  • Fri 1 May, 7:30pm

Composer Verity Standen

Connor Going, Damelola Rowe, Dominie Hooper, Ellie Showering, Jannah Warlow, Jennifer John, Kate Smith, Tom Penn, Verity Standen. (2018 company included: Coco Mbassi, Dominika Jarosz, Henry McGrath).

Sound Designer Jack Drewry
Movement Director Clare Reynolds
Originally devised with Laila Diallo
Lighting Designer Ben Pacey
Dramaturg John Norton
Costume Advisor Hannah Wolfe
Outside Eye Tom Morris
Composing Mentor Orlando Gough

Additional information

Photography (c) Paul Blakemore

Produced by Verity Standen Projects in association with MAYK.
Commissioned by MAYK, Bristol Old Vic and Ovalhouse. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.
Previous development supported by Complicite, Bristol Old Vic Ferment, Shoreditch Town Hall and The Point Eastleigh.

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