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Ovalhouse and Middlesex University

VR: Make It A Reality


Excited by the potential of Virtual Reality but don’t know where to begin?

  • Mon 11 Feb, 10:00am

Running time: 6 hours

Venue: Downstairs

Ovalhouse and Middlesex University have invited theatre makers and technologists to come together to explore the exciting possibilities within digital theatre experiences. With a lo-fi approach to hi-tech, companies including Anagram, BDH Creative, Lemonade & Laughing Gas, LIVR, Recursion Co and Round Midnight Theatre will come together to share their experiences of making theatre with virtual reality technology and question where this technology might take us next.  Chaired by Kate Lane.

Ticket price includes lunch.

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  • Mon 11 Feb, 10:00am



Keynote Speech: James Simpson, Lighting Visualiser for Royal Opera House.


The world's first theatre specific VR content platform.


Lemonade & Laughing Gas

Creators of Tokyo Love Hotel FiRST BiTE - seen at Ovalhouse last summer.


BDH Creative
Industry-leading one stop shop, developing narratives for VR, AR 360° film and immersive tech. Creators of VR content for Blue Planet.


Recursion Co
Emma Stirling’s cross-disciplinary company, exploreing the intersections between live and video performance.


Specialists in interactive storytelling and immersive experience design.


Round Midnight Theatre

Co-creators of VIRTUAL_DECISIONS: A unique, interactive VR prototype for TIE that delivers real-life experiences to pupils.

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